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Every five years or so a technology emerges that makes us reevaluate the way we write business applications. Guess what? It's that time again - time for our skillsets to be updated. Five years ago, the big wave was distributed programming. The current big wave, really an offshoot of distributed programming, is Web services. If you don't know about Web services, you will very soon. The Web services label is incredibly generic; like any promising and loosely defined technology trend, the concepts it describes will be subject to a great deal of speculation, bandwagoneering, and incredible marketing hype in the months to come. Web services is a group of closely related, emerging technologies describing a service-oriented, component-based application architecture that's based on an open, Internet-centric infrastructure. Web services represent a model in which discrete ... (more)

Envision XML

Envision XML is a graphical XML Schema generator. In a nutshell, it allows the user to create and modify XML Schemas while in the design process. The tool is marketed as an XML project-design tool that will generate XML code depending on a few mouse drags-and-drops. Since the interface is graphical, the developer doesn't need to know the syntax of XML, only the business rules. Features If you're creating an XML project, Envision XML allows you to design schemas by graphically manipulating a diagram, and to reuse existing schema elements by browsing and selecting from an underlyi... (more)

Blazer 2.0 by Handango

Does anyone remember the commercial that shows a young man lying on the beach with his PalmPilot? It goes something like this: a stressed businessman does not want to leave the office for vacation. A colleague loans him his PDA. With the PDA, Mr. Stressed Businessman would be able to check e-mail and upload spreadsheets and text documents ­ all without ever leaving his lounge chair. Why did I find this funny? At the time, the expectations for wireless devices were grossly inflated. The beach scene in the commercial surely never happened. I like to use this example to prove that ... (more)

CodeWarrior 9.0 Development Studio for Palm OS by Metrowerks

As a long-time user of CodeWarrior, I have to admit I was a little biased going into this review. At least for me, CodeWarrior has been like an old buddy, reliable and true. In a nutshell, CodeWarrior 9.0 provides a drag-and-drop IDE for creating C/C++ applications for the Palm Operating System. I really wanted to like it. I'm very happy to report that I was not disappointed. The Industry Before I go into the review, I'll provide a general overview of Palm IDE tools and how they fit into the industry. Up until just a few years ago, creating Palm applications was a fairly long an... (more)

Is PowerBuilder Dead?

There’s no denying that the popularity of PowerBuilder has waned over the past few years. Every month I get e-mails from concerned PowerBuilder programmers, most of them worried about the future of the language. As you can probably guess, I’m a huge PowerBuilder proponent, but for all the right reasons. I could be pro-PowerBuilder because it’s the only language I know (it’s not) – in fact, only 50% of my projects use it. I like PowerBuilder because it’s simply the best client/server tool ever invented. Did I say client/server tool? I thought PowerBuilder could be used for Web de... (more)