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Objects can be added to your DataWindow programmatically via a Modify statement. In my opinion, the dynamic creation of objects within a DataWindow has been a highly underused feature. Dynamically creating (or destroying) objects within a DataWindow has many advantages such as: Dynamically changing the content If a printed DataWindow varies in appearance from its visual presentation The syntax for creating objects within DataWindows can be daunting; no wonder it's not used that often. Before I go into more detail, it's important to know how objects are contained in a DataWindow in the first place. Once you understand this, you will find that dynamically creating objects is easy. The Naked DataWindow Background It should come as no surprise that a DataWindow is really just a collection of objects, each with its own properties. When a programmer is creating a DataWindo... (more)

New Client/Server DataWindow Features

Who says DataWindows can't get any better. Since the inception of PowerBuilder, the DataWindow has been a cornerstone of client/server software development. Its evolution over the years has kept PowerBuilder as the most powerful IDE on the market. This article will discuss the new or enhanced client/server DataWindow features introduced in PowerBuilder 9.0: DataWindow print enhancements Child DataWindow retrieval Group report scrolling DataWindow Print Enhancements Several print enhancements have been added to DataWindows in PowerBuilder 9. Most of these properties can be set pr... (more)

XML Certification and Education

So how hot are you? During the past year, you've taken the time to learn XML inside and out. You know why you like XLS over CSS, how to write a DTD, how to parse it all with SAX and DOM. Impressive. So how do you differentiate a polished, knowledgeable software professional, such as yourself, from a two-bit hack? After all, you're more knowledgeable and more experienced than anyone interviewing for the job, right? Don't be so sure. Even though you know you're qualified for an XML position, your potential employer may not be as enlightened. So what gives? With technology whizzing... (more)

Data Interchange by Cape Clear

To my knowledge, Interchange is the world's first Web services-based product for integrating diverse enterprise data. This is the latest addition to the popular Cape Clear Business Integration Suite and has already been chosen by companies such as Vodafone and JPMorgan to simplify the integration of diverse data files from Excel spreadsheets to text files. The Cape Clear Business Integration Suite is unique because not only does it provide the tools needed to design, develop, integrate, deploy, and manage Web services, but also, out of the box, provides the technology needed to ... (more)

Hey, Where's Everybody Going?

Over the past year, there's been an undeniable undercurrent swirling around based on the rumor that PowerBuilder may have run its course. Accordingly, there's been a mass exodus of programmers away from PowerBuilder. The regular monthly meetings of user groups were suddenly packed to the rafters with executives, programmers and recruiters. While the recruiters set about courting the executives over dinner, we developers have tended to form a protective pack in the far corner, doing our best to avoid both groups. Since then, attendance at meetings has been reduced to a mere trickl... (more)