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Over the past year I've worked on a few projects that involved document encoding to XML. I don't think I'm alone. Since the evolution of XML, many IT departments have been looking for a way to archive all that rich, marked-up content. This month I had the opportunity to use IxiaSoft Inc.'s TEXTML Server. Simply put, TEXTML is an XML content server used specifically to index, store, and retrieve XML documents. Included are development tools designed to enable shops to come up with their own proprietary solutions for storing their XML documents. According to IxiaSoft, TEXTML Server is the first embeddable XML database designed for shops and developers of XML applications such as WAP, B2B, B2C, and CRM. As a bonus, the server allows the storage of any binary file. TEXTML Server can store and retrieve pictures, video, and sound. I was able to easily retrieve binary fil... (more)

Building the Executable, Pt. 1

This month I'll show you how to prepare a completed PowerBuilder application for deployment to users. PowerBuilder lets you develop and deploy applications for many application architectures. This month (and next) I'll try to help you make decisions about creating an executable and packaging an application for deployment in a client/server architecture. Creating an executable is a matter of packaging the various pieces it needs in an appropriate manner. To get the kind of executable you want, you need to know how to choose the right pieces and the correct way of packaging them. ... (more)

It's That Time Again

Every five years or so a technology emerges that makes us reevaluate the way we write business applications. Guess what? It's that time again - time for our skillsets to be updated. Five years ago, the big wave was distributed programming. The current big wave, really an offshoot of distributed programming, is Web services. If you don't know about Web services, you will very soon. The Web services label is incredibly generic; like any promising and loosely defined technology trend, the concepts it describes will be subject to a great deal of speculation, bandwagoneering, and inc... (more)

Moving to Java

This article is an overview of the structure of a Java program. My goal is to introduce the Java language to PowerBuilder programmers, pointing out striking similarities between the two languages. Although there may be some value in the simplicity of a "Hello, world" program, it demonstrates something you basically wouldn't ever write code for, so it's not very helpful. Just one note before I begin. Java, like Unix, is strictly case-sensitive. That means a Date object named Today is totally different and unrelated to a Date object named today. Let's look at Listing 1, which I'll... (more)

Extending The Data Caching Service

In the November issue of PBDJ (Vol. 7, issue 11) I focused on the "out-of-the-box" PFC caching service. I frequently use this service to hold information in memory rather than perform an extra database retrieve. In previous (before 5.0) PowerBuilder versions developers often used invisible windows to cache data, which proved cumbersome. The PFC caching service is exactly what the doctor ordered. Adding Additional Caching Functionality to Your Application The PFC supplies developers with an impressive data caching service. PFC functions allow the developer to cache and retrieve (fro... (more)