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The DataWindow has been around since the first version of PowerBuilder and is indeed the reason many shops have chosen PB. Around for over 10 years, it has remained the most powerful data control in any language. No other language has anything like it - not even Visual Basic or Java. If your application requires a complicated presentation layer containing heavy database transactions, the DataWindow is the control of choice. As PowerBuilder versions have progressed, so has the functionality of the DataWindow; most PowerBuilder programmers are aware of the basic functionality. This column series will focus on intermediate/advanced uses. Hopefully by the end of this series you'll discover that the DataWindow is even more powerful than you thought. Using Expressions Basically, DataWindows are made up of other objects, such as columns, text, and drawing objects such as ... (more)

DataWindow Reporting

In my early PowerBuilder days, I was very impressed with how easy it was to create and format DataWindows for either online or printed reports. At its easiest, a simple print method is required to send a "What you see is what you get" version of the DataWindow to the printer. Even when the printed version of a DataWindow is different from the visual one, a simple ShareData() function would be all that is required. What took a while, however, was learning how to display and print reports that either had a master/detail relationship or no relationship at all. In short, what if I n... (more)

The Jack by WideRay

We are almost halfway through 2002 and I am still waiting for the flying cars. I was promised flying cars. Today is the future. The future was supposed to be filled with mystery and innovation: teleportation, jet packs, and perhaps a Cubs World Series. Yet I look around and the world looks about the same as it did 20 years ago. Where are all of those futuristic thingamajigs? Two weeks ago, I actually found one. One evening after attending a movie at one of those too-big movie houses, I was drawn to a group of teenagers gathered around a silver-looking box. This futuristic box, a... (more)

Blazer 2.0 by Handango

Does anyone remember the commercial that shows a young man lying on the beach with his PalmPilot? It goes something like this: a stressed businessman does not want to leave the office for vacation. A colleague loans him his PDA. With the PDA, Mr. Stressed Businessman would be able to check e-mail and upload spreadsheets and text documents ­ all without ever leaving his lounge chair. Why did I find this funny? At the time, the expectations for wireless devices were grossly inflated. The beach scene in the commercial surely never happened. I like to use this example to prove that ... (more)

Metis 3.3 by Computas

About 10 years ago Cisco Systems ran a television commercial that depicted a gardener planting seeds. The message was: "Will this turn out to be a beautiful garden or an unmanageable mess?" The message was in reference to the computer networking boom of the day. This metaphor has always stuck with me. Every time I witness emerging IT technologies I still ask myself the same question. With the proliferation of wireless applications, this rule indeed applies. With XML rapidly becoming the default data-exchange standard, the seeds are planted yet again. Depending on the enterprise,... (more)