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Objects can be added to your DataWindow programmatically via a Modify statement. In my opinion, the dynamic creation of objects within a DataWindow has been a highly underused feature. Dynamically creating (or destroying) objects within a DataWindow has many advantages such as: Dynamically changing the content If a printed DataWindow varies in appearance from its visual presentation The syntax for creating objects within DataWindows can be daunting; no wonder it's not used that often. Before I go into more detail, it's important to know how objects are contained in a DataWindow in the first place. Once you understand this, you will find that dynamically creating objects is easy. The Naked DataWindow Background It should come as no surprise that a DataWindow is really just a collection of objects, each with its own properties. When a programmer is creating a DataWindo... (more)

Symbol 1700 PDA Scanner

Need an industrial-strength PDA scanner for commercial applications? One that even a fat-fingered Teamster can use? How about a PDA scanner that can be dropped on a factory floor and still be able to scan a warehouse full of inventory? If you have an application where frail scanning hardware need not apply, look into the Symbol 1700 PDA with an integrated SE900 bar-code laser scanner. It's a PDA for people who don't usually use PDAs. The Symbol 1700 is meaty, beefy, big, and bouncy, and thrives in unforgiving industrial environments, long after more-wimpy scanners scream uncle. T... (more)

smARTspeak XG

SmARTspeak XG is the first embedded, phoneme-based, speaker-independent name-dialing solution designed for mass-market wireless mobile device deployment. Currently, it's mostly used on cellphones for voice recognition. Based on phonemic identification, smARTspeak XG provides instant name dialing, no matter how users structure their command sentences. For example, if I said, "Order a pizza" or "Need pizza," both phrases would initiate the same dialing process. In addition, smARTspeak contains the functionality of speaker-dependent name dialing, speaker-independent continuous digit ... (more)

PFC Updates in DataWindows Pt. 1

I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to writing this month's column. I've received many e-mails from readers who wanted me to document the entire PFC save process as it applies to DataWindows. I don't know if the requests were sincere or more of a tongue-in-cheek joke at my expense. After all, any programmer who has looked into this process has been boggled by its complexity as well as the amount of code involved. I challenge even the best PFC programmer to explain this process, step by step, from memory. I know I can't. While you're reading this column, it'll help if you fol... (more)

Intava Gravity 1.1

So where is the wireless Internet? Just the other day I ran across the statistic that only 3% of consumers actually use a wireless device to access the Internet. So much for the "Wireless Revolution." As a member of this small contingent of wireless users, I have developed a theory. The masses have not yet embraced the wireless Web simply because there is not much content out there. That should come as no surprise, since the cost of the tools that generate wireless content can bankrupt small nations (Notepad users are allowed to snicker here). This industry needs an affordable t... (more)